The Importance of Corrective Lenses

glassesThere are countless reasons why wearing corrective lenses is important and essential to your health and even safety. Here are just a few reasons: 

• Straining the eyes
• Headaches
• Inability to see street signs/lights correctly
• Inadequate depth perception

Lindberg eyewear is custom made eyewear!


Less is more with LINDBERG. This brand of glasses can be custom made. You pick the lens size and shape, the bridge color, and the side temple color. They are light weight but very durable. 

Samuel L. Jackson looks great wearing these Alain Mikli frames!


Samuel L. Jackson is wearing Alain Mikli eyewear! The frame is a great choice for his complexion and he looks so handsome and fashionable. 

Even Aliens love Anne et Valentin eyewear!


See, even Aliens know great eyewear when they see it! This one is wearing Ann Et Valentin eyeglasses. 

Thom Browne's signature


Thom Browne eyewear has a signature stripping of red, white and blue on the end of the temples. These stylish frames will complete any outfit. 

Alain Mikli's layered color look!


Alain Mikli's layered colored design is so COOL! Ioptics has three of these and one of them could be yours. 

Queen Elizabeth II wears Lindberg eyewear.


Her Majesty Queen Elizabath II is wearing frames from Lindberg! She has royal taste in eyewear!

Jeremy Tarian- designs personality for the face.



Jeremy Tarian hand draws each frame with every line, curve and detail and focuses on comfort. He really concentrates on the design and believes glasses are a personality on the face. Such attention to detail makes Tarian luxury eyewear.

MYKITA-Quality advanced technology meets fashion!


MYKITA- The stainless steel frames are cut out of sheet metal and, in similar style to the Japanese principle of origami, then bent and folded to become a three-dimensional object. The openly displayed snap-hinge system, which supplied the innovative principle for all subsequent collections, symbolizes the fundamental design principle of MYKITA; the technical solution must at the same time be an aesthetic one.

Need new glasses? Come see us!


Need new glasses or sunglasses? Ioptics has a great selection of unusual, colorful, frames that are made of buffalo horn, wood, metal, or plastic! You can choose rimless, semi-rimless, or a rim all the way around. You can even custom make your own pair of glasses. Come see us! 

Chrome Hearts eyewear-Quality craftsmanship


Chrome Hearts eyewear is geared towards those who can recognize and appreciate the quality craftsmanship put into each and every piece. 

Introducing THEO Bicoloured Mille


THEO eyewear- 

Now we’ve got bicoloured Mille frames! The inside differs from the front color and has a motif in relief. Subtle yet stunning! Who doesn’t like a nice suit jacket with an original lining?

Ooh La La - Barton Perreira


BARTON PERREIRA continues to challenge the industry with the next new thing. Their eyewear is luxurious, stylish and elegant. 

Tarian eyewear- hand designed by Jeremy Tarian


Tarian eyewear- Jeremy Tarian designed his first frame for himself at the age of 8. Each line, curve, and detail of the frames today is hand drawn by Jeremy. His inspiration comes from his surroundings of the streets of Paris, from his travels, nature, architecture and museums. 

MYKITA-handmade in Germany


MYKITA eyewear- stainless steel frames handmade in Germany. I LOVE this blue color!

Brad Pitt and Matt Damon wearing Barton Perreira eyewear


Brad Pitt and Matt Damon wearing Barton Perreira eyewear! Barton Perreira eyewear is luxurious, fashionable, and stylish. 


Salt-premium handcrafted eyewear


SALT makes premium handcrafted eyewear for people who like simple things made well.

Jennifer Aniston wearing Oliver Peoples eyewear


Jennifer Aniston is wearing Oliver Peoples glasses. Oliver Peoples has maintained a classic yet innovative approach to eyewear from day one, presenting vintage-inspired frames. 

Alain Mikli-something for everyone


Alain Mikli designs colorful frames as well as solid. They are engineered with quality materials and have something for everyone. 

NBA players wearing lensless glasses trend



NBA players are wearing glasses for fashion, sometimes they are even lensless. There is a debate of who started this trend between LeBron James of the Miami Heat and Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Wall Street Journal did some research and contends the style was started by teenage Japanese girls. Their lensless fakies didn’t interfere with their uber-long false eyelashes. Regaurdless of who started this trend, glasses are fashionable and we love glasses at Ioptics.

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