Chrome Hearts- makes you feel Sassy!


Chrome Hearts sunglasses have great coverage to protect your eyes, and just make you feel sassy!

Tarian's funny feet photo


Tarian adds clever humor with foot photos. The eyewear is beautiful and stylish and the feet are just funny!

Mariah Carey wearing Tom Ford!


Mariah Carey wearing Tom Ford sunglasses! Not only are they comfortable and fashionable but they protect your skin and eyes as well!

Celebrities wearing Oliver Peoples Sofiane


Come to Ioptics to see why Christina, Kate, Kate, Katie and Tori all wear Oliver Peoples Sofiane sunglasses!

NEW Anne et Valentin sunglasses



They are not afraid to dream in conceptualizing frame design, use simple form, strength, durability, elaborate finishes and aim for the greatest possible comfort. 


Kristen Stewart wearing SALT eyewear


You too can feel like a celebrity wearing SALT eyewear from Ioptics!

SALT eyewear- add some flavor to your fashion!


SALT eyewear- add some flavor to your fashion!


Ooh La La - Barton Perreira


BARTON PERREIRA continues to challenge the industry with the next new thing. Their eyewear is luxurious, stylish and elegant. 

Brad Pitt and Matt Damon wearing Barton Perreira eyewear


Brad Pitt and Matt Damon wearing Barton Perreira eyewear! Barton Perreira eyewear is luxurious, fashionable, and stylish. 


Salt-premium handcrafted eyewear


SALT makes premium handcrafted eyewear for people who like simple things made well.

ISSON avant-garde eyewear


ISSON avant-garde eyewear specialist from Australia. 

Jackson and Lopez wear Barton Perreira

Screen_Shot_2014-05-16_at_11.45.22_AM.png LopezPerreira.jpg

Samuel L. Jackson and Jennifer Lopez are wearing Barton Perreira glasses! Not only are Barton Perreira glasses fashionable, but they are engineered with high standards and quality materials.

Mykita sunglasses-surf or sand in style!


MYKITA eyewear based in Berlin, Germany is known internationally for their hand-assembled prescription frames and sunglasses. Whether you are enjoying the surf or sand, you can protect your eyes in style!



Cataracts, a clouding of the eye lens that affects vision, are quite common. Most cataracts are related to old age. There is a greater risk of you developing cataracts if you have diabetes, smoke, drink alcohol, or have prolonged exposure to sunlight. Some people get a Secondary cataract after surgery for glaucoma, or are using some sort of steroid. A Traumatic cataract can show up years later from an eye injury. A Congenital cataract is something that people can be born with or develop in childhood usually in both eyes. They can be so small that they do not affect the vision. Radiation cataracts can develop after exposure to radiation. More than half of all Americans either have a cataract or have had cataract surgery by the time they are 80 years old. If you experience blurred vision, colors seem faded, sensitive to lights or see a halo around lights, poor night vision, double vision, or frequent prescription changes please see your eye doctor. 

About Isson eyewear


Australia’s avant-garde eyewear specialist Catherine Federici of Isson mixes function and form, kookiness and sophistication, and experimentation and restraint. The result is a wonderfully varied mix of its trademark show-stopping, extravagant frames and more understated, classic designs. New design elements in the sun collection include engraved floral and cross-hatch patterning and the introduction of mirrored lenses into some key pieces for the first time. After continuously wowing international markets at the yearly Milan and Paris trade fairs, Isson’s unique optical and sunglass frames are now stocked in 29 countries.

Swimmer's eyes


Summer is just about here and you may be doing a lot of swimming. If you tend to get red eyes from swimming it is recommended you wear swim goggles. Swimming in lakes, rivers, oceans, and pools with their natural bacteria, chlorine, or sanitizing chemicals can irritate your eyes. If you wear contacts, never swim while wearing your lenses to prevent a sight-threatening eye infection. 

Tom Ford fabulous


Tom Ford has received five awards from the prestigious council of Fashion Designers of America and in honor if his new sunglass line received the Style Icon Award at the 1999 Elle Style awards in the UK. Tom Ford eyewear ranks in the top three brands at specialty stores worldwide. 


SALT sunglasses for sunny Sarasota



The sun is shining in Sarasota, FL! Every pair of SALT sunglasses uses a (PFV) Polarized Lens Technology. This provides distortion free clarity, superior color contrast and maximum eye comfort resulting in the ultimate optical experience. Sunrise and sunset are the worst times for driving and fighting the glaring sun. Polarized lenses are the best option for safe driving during those times. 



Tarian's limited editions


The Tarian brand fuses the art of traditional craftsmanship and the
latest technology in the industry. In Tarian eyewear, the two elements
blend harmoniously in each individually handmade frame. Only
Limited Editions – with a maximum of 500 numbered pieces - are

Why should I wear BluTech Lenses?


Why should I wear BluTech Lenses? 

With the rise of electronic devices, your eyes are now exposed to increasing levels of harmful light spectrums. BluTech Lenses protect your eyes from the dangers of UV rays and harmful, high-energy blue light. Everyone interested in benefiting from lifelong healthy vision, especially those at high-risk of macular degeneration, should wear BluTech Lenses. These lenses are infused with the precise balance of ocular lens pigment and melanin to give your eyes the optimum defense against harmful light spectrums. BlueTech Lenses are the only lenses with this patented technology and are NOW available at Ioptics! 

* Available in prescription and nonprescription, indoor and outdoor lenses. 

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