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Celebrities wearing Oliver Peoples Sofiane


Come to Ioptics to see why Christina, Kate, Kate, Katie and Tori all wear Oliver Peoples Sofiane sunglasses!

Jennifer Aniston wearing Oliver Peoples eyewear


Jennifer Aniston is wearing Oliver Peoples glasses. Oliver Peoples has maintained a classic yet innovative approach to eyewear from day one, presenting vintage-inspired frames. 

Oliver Peoples polarized sunglasses!


Oliver Peoples polarized sunglasses make a great gift for your self or someone special! The polarized lenses take away glare as well as protects your eyes from harmful UV rays. Driving is so much more pleasant at sunrise and sunset while wearing polarized sunglasses. You'll LOVE them!

Sunglasses in Sarasota at IOPTICS Paul Smith Rules!!

Oliver Peoples PECK as seen in the NYT this Sunday-Available at IOPTICS


We just can not get enough of this LOOK !

Young- Cool- HIP

This frame is inspired by the look of Gregory Peck


Tony Peck is donating proceeds of sales of this frame to the LA Library

arrives in store soon- don't wait-there is a list

Oliver Peoples Fall Eyewear Collection- BEST YET !

Look to Oliver Peoples for the latest in Trends esp in Hollywood

Black and Tortoise Black and Tortoise

Sunglasses  Eyeglasses

Featured at the IOPTICS "OLIVER PEOPLES" shop in a shop


Oliver Peoples Announces In-Store Boutique at IOPTICS of Florida

Oliver Peoples partnered with IOPTICS to open the first ever Oliver Peoples in-store boutique in Florida. The boutique features the newest collections of sunglass and optical frames from Oliver Peoples in a stunning display.
The in-store boutique compliments our shop's playful decor and highlights Oliver Peoples' distinctive collections.
IOPTICS also carries the new active lifestyle brand, Mosley Tribes, as well as Paul Smith Spectacles, both from Oliver Peoples.
Visit us for a unique eyewear shopping experience

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