Alain Mikli's layered color look!


Alain Mikli's layered colored design is so COOL! Ioptics has three of these and one of them could be yours. 

Alain Mikli-something for everyone


Alain Mikli designs colorful frames as well as solid. They are engineered with quality materials and have something for everyone. 

Alain Mikli-Quality, unique, fashion forward eyewear!


Alain Mikli- Quality, unique, fashion forward eyewear! These frames will get many compliments. 

New Alain Mikli Spring 2014 eyewear!


NEW Spring 2014 Alain Mikli Eyeglasses! These frames in particular have beautiful shades of blue or brown. We have some new semi-rimless frames as well. They won't last long!

Correction and distinction since 1978- Alain Mikli


These girls look shocked at how comfortable and fashionable their Alain Mikli glasses are! Alain Mikli has been satisfying customers since 1978. Each one is a masterpiece of art, style and comfort. The frames vary from plastic frames to metal and plastic frames. Whether you like multi-colored, two toned or one solid color, Mikli has it all. Come see for yourself!

Awesome look of Alain Mikli!


These Alain Mikli glasses make a fun, stylish everyday look or a great pair of sunglasses. Treat yourself to something new for the New Year! Come see our Alain Mikli collection; you'll be one step closer to looking fabulous!


Eyeglass frames can be like wearble art, so fashionable, so fun!

Alain Mikli frames are made in France. We love the quality, colors, and styles of frames. Eyeglasses like these are not your plain and ordinary. Mikli's are special, just like our customers. 

Hello from Sharon and IOPTICS

Hi all- Well it is almost the end of a hot- sweaty- muggy- rainy summer with thankfully no hurricanes  or oil on our beautiful beaches. Flying out the door were sunglasses sunglasses and more sunglasses  mostly polarized and anyone who knows me knows how strongly I feel about wearing polarized lenses- Anytime- Anywhere!  Business was better and then became even better as summer passed through and now IOPTICS is thinking about October and the start of Season- YAHOO !

IOPTICS winter clients are gearing up to return and our Past Current and Future clients  are ready, not only in Sarasota but also from Tampa, and are coming in to buy the latest and greatest in fashion eyewear and sunglasses only available at IOPTICS .

I have been on a shopping spree ( cannot help myself ) and you will be seeing the latest collections from Oliver Peoples ( newest collection arrived 3 weeks ago.. Amazing )and more to arrive from Chrome Hearts , Theo, Mykita, Alain Mikli and well really from all of our collections!  I will keep everyone updated with plenty of blogs-promise.

You must come in for the premier of KingBaby and QueenBaby jewelry in October. Their collection of dog tags, rings, bracelets, belts, and necklaces is just awesome and IOPTICS is so very happy to be showing it exclusively in Sarasota. View the jewelry from our website

Latest Eyewear and Sunglass collection will be TODDS - yes that TODDS- and will be arriving in October....the sunglasses are already being shown in all the fashion magazines and being worn by the Celebs as we blog today.........

I will have more to say in my next blog but for now why don't you just come in- we are waiting for you!


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