Brad Pitt wearing Barton Perriera sunglasses and looking hot!


Brad Pitt is looking fashionable, stylish and hot wearing his Barton Perriera sunglasses. Barton Perriera eyewear is continually challenging the industry by unveiling the next new thing. If you want that movie star look come get your own Barton Perriera glasses. 


Mykita eyewear-A flood of style!


Mykita has a flood of style! Mykita eyewear is made in Germany and has had 10 years of winning a variety of design awards. This photo showing Mykita Damir Doma sunglasses is published in the September issue of So Figaro magazine. 

RAPP watches make great holiday gifts!


RAPP Watches are unique, youthful times pieces that are creative, functional and made with a superior level of quality. They are hot in Miami and Los Angeles and are now sold hot at Ioptics in Sarasota! We have a limited supply so hurry. They will make great holiday gifts for men and women. 

Celebrating 15 years!


We are celebrating our 15th Anniversary on November 18th! We have served Sarasota, FL with fifteen years of selling fun and funky, high-end eyewear. Our customers are great and love looking that way, which is why they keep coming back. Our two licensed opticians stay current with the changes in the optic industry and do their best to fit you in the perfect frame and lenses. Support your local small businesses. We look forward to seeing you and assisting you in a pleasant shopping experience!

Need some more fun in your life? Wear Theo eyewear.


Theo makes a frame in your favorite color! You can pick a frame that match your eye color, compliments your eyes or looks great on your skin tone. Come add some spice to you life and pick out your Theo glasses!


Etnia frames are environmentally safe!


Did you know that Etnia Barcelona frames are environmentally safe? They use organic wood pulp and cotton and their frames are recyclable and biodegradable. What ever your favorite color is, Etnia has it. Their frames come in a rainbow of fashionable colors. Come get your favorite!

Have fun wearing Anne&Valentin frames!


Anne&Valentin says, “We make eyewear that makes heads turn. Our designers imagine frames that look like you, that you can live with, and that combine style and singularity. We want to offer our customers the freedom to be yourself.” These frames are so fun. Come see for yourself!

Alessi is fun, creative, unique, and modern


Do you need to encourage your children to floss? Alessi makes fun, modern housewares from Italy. The products are so unique and creative that they can be a conversational piece. If you like a modern touch in your home decor why not add Alessi to your collection?

Lindberg so lightweight!


Lindberg glasses are so lightweight! These circular frames compliment a square face. You can choose your tint according to your liking. Usually the lighter your eyes are the more sensitive to sunlight you are. 

SALT timeless and classic!


SALT eyewear has a simple, minimalist appearance in a premium, quality craftsmanship. Their look is classic and timeless. 

Do you want to feel like a rock star? Buy some Chrome Hearts glasses.

Chrome Hearts eyewear  are made with the finest materials using 23k gold, sterling silver, precious stones, leather, or exotic woods. Their eyewear has an edgy, rock star appearance using fleurs-de-lis, crosses and daggers. These glasses are special and you can’t help but feel that way while wearing them. Come get yours!

Are you tough on your glasses? Try S+ARCK


Starck eyeglasses are perfect for the customer who is a little rough on glasses. You still need to keep them away from your pets, prevent sitting on them, or stepping on them, but what is so great about Starck eyewear is that the temples are attached to the lenses with a special hinge called biomechanical. This allows the temples to rotate freely in multiple directions. They are very comfortable. Come try them on and be prepared to buy.

Barton Perreira sunglasses-fashionable, stylish, elegant

Barton Perreira

Barton Perreira loves to unveil the new thing in fashion, style, elegance, and pure luxury. You can feel special while you protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. 

Feeling creative? Design your own Swissflex frames.

Swissflex frames are light weight, flexible and can be customized. You choose the lens shape, bridge color, hinge color, and temple color. You can make your glasses one color or five different colors!

Wissing frames are a hit!

Wissing's trademark are their colorful and unique frames. These are the glasses for someone who likes having strangers come up to them and compliment them on their glasses. Each frame is so special and fun. They are flying out the door here at Ioptics. 


What are polarized sunglasses?

Polarized lenses are special lenses that reduce glare, help with your depth perception, color and sharpness of objects in front of you. These are the ideal lenses to wear when driving. Non-Polarized sunglass lenses only protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and do not protect you from glare. Reduction of glare can be a reduction of accidents. Sunrise and sunset times, when the car's visor doesn't protect you from the sun's glare are the most dangerous. Unfortunately these are also the times when children are walking across cross walks, riding bike to or from school and more traffic on the road from people going to and from work. Many of our exclusive collections offer polarized sunglasses. The sunglasses in this photo are a his and her Oliver Peoples with, you guessed it polarized lenses. We can also put your prescription in most any sunglass. 

Anne & Valentin cares about fashion, art, design and architecture

 Anne & Valentin says "Our interest in literature, fashion, art, cinema, music, architecture & design nurture our ability to create new frame concepts." We want you to look your best in your glasses, not just ordinary. We take pride in which designer eyewear we sell. Only the best for you!

Eyeglass frames can be like wearble art, so fashionable, so fun!

Alain Mikli frames are made in France. We love the quality, colors, and styles of frames. Eyeglasses like these are not your plain and ordinary. Mikli's are special, just like our customers. 

Do you enjoy getting compliments on your glasses?

Theo glasses are made in Belgium, come in a rainbow of fun colors and uniquely shaped frames. If you enjoy getting compliments on your glasses, Theo may be the ones for you! Why not have fun wearing glasses?

What is the best way to clean my glasses?

The best way to clean your glasses is to rinse them in warm water and clean them with the blue Dawn dish soap. It is best for getting off the grease, dust, and pollen. Dry your glasses using a soft cotton or micro fiber cloth. Tissues and paper towels have wood fibers and can actually scratch you lenses. Do Not Use!  At Ioptics we have two FL state licensed Opticians who encourage you to take the best care of your lenses. 

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