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Salt Sunglasses at IOPTICS Eyewear Boutique

Need I say more? IOPTICS has carried and promoted SALT Eyewear since Salt's conception! Ron Smith and his associates have such vision and such devotion to their craft- truly remarkable!

All Salt sunglasses have polar/anti-reflective lenses/ some styles with polar gradient lenses in remarkable colors- my prayers have been answered :~))

Don't wait - come on in IOPTICS Eyewear- Fashion Eyewear Boutique

Hello from Sharon and IOPTICS

Hi all- Well it is almost the end of a hot- sweaty- muggy- rainy summer with thankfully no hurricanes  or oil on our beautiful beaches. Flying out the door were sunglasses sunglasses and more sunglasses  mostly polarized and anyone who knows me knows how strongly I feel about wearing polarized lenses- Anytime- Anywhere!  Business was better and then became even better as summer passed through and now IOPTICS is thinking about October and the start of Season- YAHOO !

IOPTICS winter clients are gearing up to return and our Past Current and Future clients  are ready, not only in Sarasota but also from Tampa, and are coming in to buy the latest and greatest in fashion eyewear and sunglasses only available at IOPTICS .

I have been on a shopping spree ( cannot help myself ) and you will be seeing the latest collections from Oliver Peoples ( newest collection arrived 3 weeks ago.. Amazing )and more to arrive from Chrome Hearts , Theo, Mykita, Alain Mikli and well really from all of our collections!  I will keep everyone updated with plenty of blogs-promise.

You must come in for the premier of KingBaby and QueenBaby jewelry in October. Their collection of dog tags, rings, bracelets, belts, and necklaces is just awesome and IOPTICS is so very happy to be showing it exclusively in Sarasota. View the jewelry from our website

Latest Eyewear and Sunglass collection will be TODDS - yes that TODDS- and will be arriving in October....the sunglasses are already being shown in all the fashion magazines and being worn by the Celebs as we blog today.........

I will have more to say in my next blog but for now why don't you just come in- we are waiting for you!


Bi-cycle (A bifocal jewel) + Viva Flandria! (theo's collector's item)

Sheila Vance launches - Loree Rodkin Eye Couture by Sama

(Los Angeles, CA) - Sheila Vance, founder of Sama Eyewear is pleased to announce the launch of Loree Rodkin Eye Couture by Sama, a new luxury eyewear collection that literally serves as jewelry for the face.

As eyewear has evolved from being a bare necessity to one of the most coveted accessories available, Vance’s collaboration with renowned high-end jewelry designer Loree Rodkin seemed almost inevitable. Together, they have managed to add a unique facet to the eyewear industry; eyewear as jewelry, with an edge, harmonizing their unique talents to bring a brand new collection to life that is unlike any other.

Vance’s interpretation of the long-established Loree Rodkin jewelry line, popular among celebrities, musicians and stylists for its unique fusion of modern, gothic and classic styles combined with Vance’s eye for detail and craftsmanship of the finest eyewear available has spawned a collection in a league of its own that showcases the best of both designers’ talents.
Vance herself is no stranger to fine jewelry having created custom eyewear for Oscar nominees for Harry Winston and having worked with old-world artisans to handcraft one-of-a-kind frames fashioned out of platinum and gold. Vance also created the first pair of eyewear ever to be created utilizing d-flawless diamonds with a unique design intended to highlight the clarity, cut and color of each hand-picked and hand-placed diamond. Vance desired to push the envelope further and collaborate with a jewelry designer with a unique vision to produce a collection of this caliber and having been a longtime fan of Rodkin's work, the pairing was well-suited for a jewelry-inspired eyewear collection.

Upon meeting, Vance knew that interpreting Rodkin’s designs and bringing them to life in the form of eyewear would result in something extraordinary.

The collection ranges from $200 to $900 featuring Swarovski crystals and custom pricing applies to special orders featuring d—flawless diamonds. Each of the 13 styles that comprise the Loree Rodkin Eyewear collection by Sama also feature Rodkin’s signature symbols, (running the gamut from modern peace symbols to the classically gothic skull and medieval Celtic cross), as well as a variety of carefully selected material combinations of wood, metal and the finest Japanese zyl. Still Vance went further with the collection, pioneering a lens technique specifically for Loree Rodkin, involving Sama’s lens layering process to produce a multicolored effect without a gradient tint.

Loree Rodkin Eye Couture by Sama is an exquisite example of a pairing of two renowned designers with a profound love for accessories, beauty and high-end quality at its best. Vance’s designs are recognized within the eyewear industry as innovative leaders, pushing the envelope with cutting-edge treatments, materials and design concepts. Rodkin, a former talent manager (Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr. and Sarah Jessica Parker) turned designer is known for her nonconformist and visionary approach to jewelry making, cleverly blurring the distinction between modern and gothic and this eyewear collection is no exception.

Loree Rodkin Eye Couture by Sama is available at select optical retailers worldwide, including Ioptics in Sarasota, Florida, Robert Marc in New York, New York and at all Destination: Sama boutiques in Beverly Hills, California Hollywood, California Milan, Italy, Amsterdam, Netherlands and St. Louis, Missouri.

Oliver Peoples Announces In-Store Boutique at IOPTICS of Florida

Oliver Peoples partnered with IOPTICS to open the first ever Oliver Peoples in-store boutique in Florida. The boutique features the newest collections of sunglass and optical frames from Oliver Peoples in a stunning display.
The in-store boutique compliments our shop's playful decor and highlights Oliver Peoples' distinctive collections.
IOPTICS also carries the new active lifestyle brand, Mosley Tribes, as well as Paul Smith Spectacles, both from Oliver Peoples.
Visit us for a unique eyewear shopping experience

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