SALT sunglasses for sunny Sarasota



The sun is shining in Sarasota, FL! Every pair of SALT sunglasses uses a (PFV) Polarized Lens Technology. This provides distortion free clarity, superior color contrast and maximum eye comfort resulting in the ultimate optical experience. Sunrise and sunset are the worst times for driving and fighting the glaring sun. Polarized lenses are the best option for safe driving during those times. 



Tarian's limited editions


The Tarian brand fuses the art of traditional craftsmanship and the
latest technology in the industry. In Tarian eyewear, the two elements
blend harmoniously in each individually handmade frame. Only
Limited Editions – with a maximum of 500 numbered pieces - are

Fashion eyewear in Sarasota- Wissing


This client found the perfect glasses at Ioptics! He vacations in Sarasota from Finland. He and his wife have both shopped with us and are a pleasure to work with! These frames are made by Wissing and are handmade in Germany.

Alessi egg holders are perfect for Easter!


ALESSI egg holders are colorful, whimsical, accessories for Easter! Happy Easter from Ioptics!

Add a Pop of color to your wardrobe with a RAPP watch.


Spring has arrived and it's time to integrate some color into your wardrobe. Check out the Pink Naples family. Available in a series of bright colors, these prime watches will enhance your style this spring season. Don't be afraid to add a pop of color this year - embrace it!

Why should I wear BluTech Lenses?


Why should I wear BluTech Lenses? 

With the rise of electronic devices, your eyes are now exposed to increasing levels of harmful light spectrums. BluTech Lenses protect your eyes from the dangers of UV rays and harmful, high-energy blue light. Everyone interested in benefiting from lifelong healthy vision, especially those at high-risk of macular degeneration, should wear BluTech Lenses. These lenses are infused with the precise balance of ocular lens pigment and melanin to give your eyes the optimum defense against harmful light spectrums. BlueTech Lenses are the only lenses with this patented technology and are NOW available at Ioptics! 

* Available in prescription and nonprescription, indoor and outdoor lenses. 

Barton Perriera- classy, stylish and sexy eyewear!


Barton Perriera- classy, stylish and sexy eyewear!


RAPP watches go out on a limb.


RAPP watches go out on a limb to design colorful, unique, quality crafted watches!

Theo, Oh how I love thee! You complete my face!


Theo, Theo, Theo, Oh how I love thee! You complete my face!

Handmade from France. Quality craftsmanship- Tarian eyewear


Tarian eyewear from France are handmade frames that have a blend of the newest technology in the optical industry and traditional craftsmanship. 

Unusual, exclusive eyewear from down under- ISSON


ISSON .... Eyewear from the down under! Exclusive, beautifully crafted and highly unusual! Pug not included. : )


Youthful, bold look with a touch of rock star- Chrome Hearts


These Chrome Hearts glasses give you that youthful, bold look with a touch of rock star. The detail on the temples is sterling silver. They are comfortable and unique!

Make a statement wearing Theo- fun, youthful, and excellent quality


These yellow THEO glasses look great on someone with tan or darker skin! The shape is fun and youthful and make a bold statement along with excellent quality.

New collection of eyewear from Australia- Isson


We are excited to introduce Isson eyewear collection from Australia to Ioptics. Each piece is uniquely crafted and make a bold statement. Just wait for the compliments on your glasses! This is an exciting collection of eyewear. 


New Alain Mikli Spring 2014 eyewear!


NEW Spring 2014 Alain Mikli Eyeglasses! These frames in particular have beautiful shades of blue or brown. We have some new semi-rimless frames as well. They won't last long!

Smooth Bow Ring by King Baby


This photo features the Smooth Bow Ring by King Baby. Mitchell Binder became the ‘go to jeweler’ for Hollywood. King Baby Studio makes their handcrafted pieces in the USA, merging sterling silver with precious stones, onyx beads, 18k gold and leather. 


You won't get pinched with these green Etnia eyeglasses!


Etnia eyewear can help you so you don’t get pinched! It started in 1700 when people thought that if you wear green for St. Patricks Day you were invisible. Leprechauns would see you if you didn’t wear green and would pinch you! Happy St.Patricks Day from Ioptics!

Colorful works of Art-Wissing eyewear


Wissing eyewear is known for their multilayer colorful material. The options and possibilities are unlimited. Each one is a work of art. This is one happy customer!


Allergy eye symptoms and treatment


Spring is here in FL and the pollen is back! If you suffer from airborne allergies your eyes may be red, swollen, watery, and itchy. Sinuses can get swollen and if you are outside for an extended period of time, your eyeglasses can feel like they weigh 10 lbs. Zyrtec, Allegra, and Claritin all have different active ingredients so if one doesn't work for you, try another. 

  • Most allergic eye conditions are more irritating than dangerous.
  • Allergic or vernal keratoconjunctivitis may result in scarring of the cornea and visual problems.
  • Itchy eyes are probably allergic eyes.
  • Topical antihistamine/decongestant preparations are effective and safe for mildly itchy, red eyes.
  • Patanol, a topical mast-cell stabilizer, is a safe, highly effective, long-acting treatment.
  • Topical steroids should be used with caution and under the supervision of an ophthalmologist.
  • If in doubt, seek medical advice sooner rather than later.

Minimalistic fashion eyewear- Lindberg


The n.o.w. line is a minimalistic fashion statement. The use of a specially developed composite material make a n.o.w. frame very durable and strong even though it only weighs 2.3 grams. Within the first 6 months from the launch the n.o.w. line takes home 3 design awards. 

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