Original, colorful and lively since 1984- Anne et Valentin


Anne et Valentin creations are original, colorful and lively. Anne started drawing their first designs in 1984. The frames can be artful, youthful, or serious. There is something for everyone. 

For the socially strong and beautiful- RAPP watches


RAPP watches are creative and functional with a superior level of quality. The large face and leopard print band is fashionably fun. "RAPP is and always will be for the socially strong and beautiful!"

New collection of eyewear-Tarian


NEW collection of eyewear to our store! The Tarian brand fuses the art of traditional craftsmanship and the
latest technology in the industry. In Tarian eyewear, the two elements blend harmoniously in each individually handmade frame.

Fashionable and luxurious eyewear by Barton Perreira!


Fashionable and luxurious eyewear by Barton Perreira!

theo loves the wild life


Theo finds inspiration in the wild life. Beautiful animals inspire beautiful frames!

Tips for healthy eyes!


Tips for healthy eyes:

Did you know that smoking can increase your risk of cataracts and macular degeneration?

Using old eye makeup and not removing your eye makeup before bed can lead to infection-causing bacteria. You should replace your eye makeup every three months. 

Wear safety goggles when mowing, weed whacking, edging or using any other landscaping tools to protect your eyes from flying debris. 

Wear sunglasses that protect against harmful UV rays to prevent cataracts and skin cancer on your eyelids. 

If you are diabetic do not skip your visits to the ophthalmologist to prevent blindness. 


MYKITA eyewear handmade in Berlin, Germany


MYKITA eyewear collections have won a variety of design awards since the company was founded in 2003. Their eyewear is handmade in Berlin, Germany. 

New Winter Collection of eyewear


Happy Valentine's Day!


If you need a last minute gift for your Valentine, we offer gift certificates! Give someone a hug, tell someone you love them and have a Happy Valentine's Day from Ioptics Eyewear in Sarasota!

Life is too short for boring glasses!


Accessorize your face with great eyewear!


2014 Readers' Choice from Herald Tribune


Need we say more? We are open Monday thru Friday 10-5pm and Saturday 11-4pm. 

Computer Vision Syndrome


Computer vision syndrome is eyestrain due to computers, ipads, iphones, ipods, etc. The symptoms are blurred vision, itchy eyes, burning eyes, sensitivity to bright light and eye fatigue. People blink less when working on a computer and this dries out their eyes. This can cause the itchy or burning feeling.

When people read a book they tend to hold it farther away than when they read from a hand held device so the eyes have to adjust to things up closer. Computers and hand held devices can be adjusted with making fonts larger, and increasing or decreasing brightness which can help.

Ioptics specializes in computer lenses.  

How to clean and dry your glasses!


Dawn dish soap can clean your dishes, get oil off of birds feathers and can get the oil off of your glasses! It's important to rinse your lenses under water to get the dirt, dust, pollen, or salt from the air off. Wiping your lenses without rinsing them with water can cause these elements to scratch them. If you only use water and then dry them, the oil spots from your fingers just get spread around the lenses. Use a small amount of Dawn dish soap on your lenses to get the oil off and dry them with a soft cotten cloth or cleansing cloth. Drying them with a tissue, paper towel, napkin or toilet paper can scratch your lenses. Clean your glasses daily.

Did the dog eat your glasses?


Did the dog eat your glasses? You are not alone. This is a common thing. Puppies especially with all their teething love to chew. Your glasses get your bodies natural oil on them and the dog can pick up that scent. Some dogs can be spiteful when left alone for too long. Protect your glasses by keeping them in a hard case when you are not wearing them and come get your new glasses at Ioptics in Sarasota. We offer a $30 insurance for accidents like this with the purchase of a frame and lenses. The insurance is good for one year and allows you to get your new frame and lenses for half off. (Some restrictions may apply on insurance)

Elegant, Classy, Stylish Sunglasses-Anne & Valentin


These Anne & Valentin sunglasses are elegant, classy, and stylish all in one! The size of the lenses are great for blocking the harmful UVA rays and for preventing those wrinkles. I love the two toned black and brown frame that can be easily accessorized with any outfit. 


Today is Chocolate Cake Day- Alessi cake plate


January 27th is Chocolate Cake Day! This Alessi cake plate would make the perfect display for that delicious dessert! Alessi products are made in Italy and have a fun, modern, colorful design. We have a great collection of Alessi house ware products. 


Fun, colorful, cool, unusual, unique eyewear- Ioptics Eyewear


Most clients come to Ioptics Eyewear because we carry fun, colorful, cool, unusual, unique eyewear! If you need to wear glasses why not look great and have fun while doing it? Many times color gives you a youthful appearance. One of the most common things our customers say, is that they get so many compliments on their glasses that they purchased here. We use the newest technology in lenses and we have two experienced, licensed opticians here that help fit you to the perfect pair. If you are planning your vacation to Sarasota or if you live in the area come see us! Please bring us your latest prescription. It is important and helpful in fitting you for the perfect eyewear. 


Add flavor to your fashion- SALT eyewear!


Salt eyewear has a modern, minimalist, timeless design. They were established in 2006 are located in coastal California. Add some flavor to your fashion with Salt eyewear!

Stylish, luxurious, elegant- Barton Perreira


Barton Perreira is luxurious eyewear that redefines style and elegance. The company is always staying current and unveiling the next new thing. Stars all over love their eyeglasses and sunglasses. If you want to feel famous or want to treat yourself to something special that you deserve, treat yourself to a pair of Barton Perreira glasses. 

Correction and distinction since 1978- Alain Mikli


These girls look shocked at how comfortable and fashionable their Alain Mikli glasses are! Alain Mikli has been satisfying customers since 1978. Each one is a masterpiece of art, style and comfort. The frames vary from plastic frames to metal and plastic frames. Whether you like multi-colored, two toned or one solid color, Mikli has it all. Come see for yourself!

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